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JCL tire type brake

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JCL tire type brake

JCL tire type brake

JCL tire-type concrete mixer truck is suitable for occasions where the amount of concrete used in engineering buildings is relatively small and there are special requirements for the overall dimensions of the vehicle. The machine has a stirring conveying capacity of not less than 2 cubic meters, and is suitable for concrete mixing and conveying with a slump of 50-200 mm, and has a high cost performance. The machine can be manufactured by using a new chassis or by modifying a 5t east windmill or a 5t liberation vehicle. The concrete mixing and conveying mechanism can also be easily transplanted on the rail-mounted chassis for use in rail construction. occasion. The concrete mixing and conveying part of the machine adopts hydraulic transmission mode, which can realize stepless speed regulation, stable operation, low failure rate and simple operation. The mixing drum blade has been optimized several times, the discharge is clean, and the residual amount of concrete is small. The whole vehicle is mainly composed of the following parts: original car chassis, power take-off device, hydraulic system, mixing drum, reducer, operating mechanism, feed hopper, discharge hopper, discharge chute, and slewing mechanism. Reasonable structure and easy maintenance are your reliable choice!

JCL tire type brake

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