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WY-160L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

Technical Parameters

WY-160L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

WY-160L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

WY-160L crawler type slag slag machine is a tunnel boring product developed by our company. It belongs to medium-sized equipment. It is suitable for tunnels with a width of 3.2m×3.2m.

WY-160L adopts electro-hydraulic drive, the electric system adopts step-down starting mode, the motor power is 55KW, which is suitable for construction of long tunnel conditions; the hydraulic system is advanced in design, adopts open system multi-channel precision oil filter, wind cooling radiator, Proportional distribution control makes the whole machine work stable, easy to operate and good driving performance. In addition, the use of imported hydraulic components (main oil pump, proportional distribution valve, hydraulic control valve, travel motor, etc.) and semi-closed assembly to enhance the reliability of the machine; four-wheeled belt with first-class brand products, strong wear and versatility. The slag conveying system adopts double-row chain integral scraper type design, the conveying chain runs smoothly, the slagging ability is strong, and the maintenance is good. This machine can realize the explosion-proof of electrical components and is suitable for the construction environment of explosion-proof requirements.

WY-160L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

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