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WY-200L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

Technical Parameters

WY-200L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

WY-200L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

WY-200L crawler type slag slag machine is a large slag slag equipment in the tunnel trackless construction series developed by our company. It is suitable for (width × height) tunnel section of 4m × 4m. The machine is powered by electro-hydraulic, with a total installed power of 122.2KW. The configuration is as follows: hydraulic system: double hydraulic system, main excavation and walking system adopt high-pressure system, learn from the mature concept and configuration of excavator, adopt pure imported components, multi-channel precision oil filter, air-cooled radiator to make the main working system stable Reliable and maintainable, the slag system is a low-voltage system that guarantees the long-life high-torque dual-motor service life. The powerful two systems do not interfere with each other, making the maintenance of the machine particularly convenient. Electrical system: It adopts the configuration of non-interference and step-down startup mode, and implements joint control of heat dissipation and main motor, which has high reliability. Transportation mode: Double-row chain (open assembly), stable and reliable, easy to maintain. The machine is equipped with high slag efficiency and is an excellent model to replace foreign imported products. It has good cost performance and is your ideal choice. The machine can realize the explosion-proof of electrical components and can be used in the construction environment of explosion-proof requirements.

WY-200L crawler excavator loader (slag slag machine)

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