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How to do the slag machine electric drum barrel wear

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The belt slag machine's conveying device often uses the electric drum. In the work, the drum of the electric drum will wear out. What should we do when we face this situation? The answer is to delay the occurrence of this situation to the greatest extent. . Here are a few tips on how to minimize the wear of the drum skin.
When the electric drum is working, one is rubbing against the belt, and the other is colliding with the stone, so the barrel of the electric drum is easy to wear. If the wear is serious, it will cause the slurry to enter the bearing and cause the bearing to be damaged. Finally, the whole machine will not work properly.
How to minimize the wear and tear of the electric drum? Generally, we have the following measures.
1, barrel wear protection
The PVC coating is used to wrap the barrel and PVC adhesive bonding coating, which can greatly improve the service life of the barrel.
2, the barrel is fixed.
Due to the high speed rotation of the barrel, the torque of the barrel and the main body is large. If the strength of the fixing bolt is insufficient, it is easy to cause the bolt to break and cause damage to the barrel. We can clamp the joints at both ends of the stainless steel plate with a thin plate and fix it with bolts, and finally bolt them to adjust the tension. This not only has a small effect on the surface of the barrel, but also has a strong enough wrapping tension on the barrel, and the effect is remarkable. After this method was used, the skin peeling never occurred.

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