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To ensure the service life of the slag machine parts, what should you pay attention to?

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The slag slag machine is the most frequently used equipment in the slag discharge of mine shafts. It has been “honed” for a long time. Although it has been trained as a “golden steel bone”, it still deals with hard materials such as stone. Inevitably, problems such as wear of equipment parts may occur. How to ensure the service life of the slag machine parts? Xiaobian gives you some suggestions.
1. When purchasing accessories, choose the appropriate material accessories according to the performance of the mineral materials.
The harder the stone, the more severe the wear on the equipment and the more severe the wear on the conveyor belt. The degree of hardness of the stone surface is directly related to the service life of the conveyor belt of the slag machine. Therefore, when purchasing accessories, it is necessary to select different conveyor belts according to the hardness of the stone.
2, according to the actual situation of the mine, choose a different suitable slag machine, not everything can be cut across the board.
The water content in the mine is different, the ground surface is different, and the walking method of the slag slag machine is different. If the water content is large, the crawler slag slag machine should be selected. The water content is small, the ground is uneven. If the road is flat, the solid tire should be selected. Slag slag machine.
3, the service life of the accessories is also related to the proficiency of the operator.
The skilled operator is generally more caring for the machine. If there are some minor problems, it can be handled in time, and some beginners are likely to cause damage to the machine parts.
4, the quality problems of the slag machine parts
I believe that everyone understands the phrase "a price is worth the price". I don't dare to say that the price is high, but if you "windfall" to buy a slag machine accessory that is lower than the market price, then, Ninety percent of this item is a quality problem.
It is recommended that when purchasing equipment accessories, try to choose a large brand, a good reputation professional manufacturer to buy, such as the well-known Yonglitong company in the mining machinery industry, you can also consult your slag machine equipment model before buying, so that You can choose the most suitable accessory the fastest.

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