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Small slag slag machine to reduce the consumption of wearing parts

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The small slag slag machine belongs to the special equipment for slag discharging operation in small wells. It works in the poor alleys in the environment all the year round. Stones, water stains and dusts will aggravate the aging of wearing parts. The wearing parts of the small slag slag machine are teeth, belts, pins, rollers, etc. The main cause of damage is the impact wear of the materials. When there are hard materials or unbreakable materials entering the machine, the loss of the wearing parts will be caused. If you want to reduce the consumption of consumables, we should pay attention to the following points.
1. Appropriately increase the wear resistance of the teeth. The teeth are generally made of manganese steel, and the wear resistance itself is strong. However, we can also weld the reinforcing plates on the side of the ribs to enhance the strength of the ribs to effectively strengthen The wear resistance and impact resistance of the teeth;
2, reduce the sharpness of the stone, broken stone, if it has a very sharp corner, it is easy to scratch the conveyor belt when entering the conveyor belt, so if you want to extend the life of the belt, then the corner of the stone Can't be too sharp;
3, reduce dust into the hydraulic parts, increase the sealing of the hydraulic system, we should filter the hydraulic oil in the tank after working for a period of time, clean the dust entering the system;
4. The operator often checks during the operation of the production process. If abnormal sound is found, it is necessary to stop the inspection, especially the pin shaft part, to avoid damage to the machine caused by the pin break.

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